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I’m worried about the safety of rugby, should I be?

It is understandable given the intensity we see on TV of fully grown, full-time professional athletes slogging it out.  The reality is that injuries in junior age groups are not particularly frequent and are usually relatively minor when they occur.  It is a completely different game at this level compared to what we see on TV or live at senior games.  We see far more of our players sustaining more frequent and severe injuries on scooters, bikes, skateboards and in parks.  Accidents will of course always happen in all sports and activities.

Up to the age of 13, there is a significantly higher proportion of injuries in Soccer compared to Rugby Union *(Injury, Int. J. Care Injured (2007) 38, 104—111).

Part of rugby training will focus on spatial awareness to avoid accidentally bumping into each other when running,  and players will be taught to fall over in a safe manner when needed.

All players must wear a mouthguard and are encouraged to wear headgear.  Players aged U6 – U7 only play touch rugby.  Tackling at under 8s and older is introduced safely and the forces involved are small in proportion with the size and strength of the children.

Rugby allows players to express some physicality in a controlled manner with strict laws of play in place.

Where are games played?

Saturday morning games are played across the Sunshine Coast, with 2-3 venues usually hosting a mini carnival each week.  We play at grounds from Caloundra to Maleny to Noosa.

Can Girls Play Rugby?

Yes, all children are welcome to play at the club and mixed rugby remains possible under the ARU policy until age 12.  Both Male and Female players can be dispensated to play down an age group if there are safety or ability concerns.

Can my child play in a different age group?

Players are initially registered in their correct age group but are able to play up one age group provided it is safe to do so.  Dispensation can be given via assessment facilitated by us, to play down 1 age group or up 2 age groups for children meeting certain size and ability criteria.  Our goal is to allow as many players as possible to get as much game time as possible and to fill teams at all age groups, whilst becoming great friends with their team mates.

How can I get involved as a parent?

A very easy and short introductory online course is all that is needed to help with on field coaching.  You will be guided though this and also any further training you choose to undertake.  We will offer support and financial assistance to anyone wishing to complete more advanced coaching or match official qualifications.  Support and mentorship to all teams will be offered by the club.

Other help with team managing and home game fundraising through our BBQ and canteen is also very much appreciated.

Flinders Rugby Club FAQs
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